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Loving Disagreement

Author: Kathy Khang & Matt Mikalatos
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641586153
Year of Publication: 2023
Pages: 191
Subtitle: Fighting for Community through the fruit of the Spirit
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What does it look like to love someone you disagree with?

Fighting, disagreements, hatred, dissension, and silence. These things seem common in the wider Christian community today. Politics, theology, and even personal preference create seemingly insurmountable rifts. It’s hard not to see ourselves as “at war” with each other.

We’re not doomed to be stuck here, though. There is a twofold path out of this destructive war, out of seeing our brothers and sisters as enemies—and into a spacious place of loving each other even as we disagree.

In Loving Disagreement, Kathy Khang and Matt Mikalatos bring unique insight into how the fruit of the Spirit informs our ability to engage in profound difference and conflict with love. As followers of Jesus are planted in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit grows and bears good things in our lives—and relationships and communities are changed.

  • Each chapter features author conversations about the communal and cultural implications of the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Book includes a glossary of social and cultural terms
Table of Contents:

INTRODUCTION: Good Intentions Aren’t Enough 
1: War! What Is It Good For?: Disrupting the Polarization of God’s Kingdom 
2: A Loving God and Loving Pizza: Killing Westernized Love for a Radical Shift 
3 : Joy and Happiness: Happiness Is Easier Because It Has an I  
4: Fighting for Peace: The World as It Should Be
5 : Patience: The Chapter You’ve All Been Waiting For
6 : Kind of a Big Deal: Embracing Kindness in a Cruel World
7: Goodness: God Is Good All the Time. All the Time, God Is Good.
8 : Great Is My Faithfulness Because It’s Right: When Faithful People Disagree
9 : Gentle Strength: Honoring the Fragility of Those around Us
10: I Can’t Help It: Thoughts on Self-Control 
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