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Ordinary Discipleship

Author: Jessie Cruickshank
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641587327
Year of Publication: 2023
Pages: 200
Subtitle: How God wires us for the adventure of transformation
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God wired your brain for transformation.

Jesus told his followers, “Go and make disciples of every nation,” but a lot of us stop before we start—because we feel like we don’t have what it takes. But Jesus didn’t ask spiritual superstars to make disciples. He invited ordinary people into the adventure of following Him.

Jessie Cruickshank learned how to be a disciplemaker in the wilderness. When she connected her training in outdoor adventure ministry with her Harvard degree in neuroeducation, God showed her a pathway for ordinary disciples of Jesus to experience profound spiritual growth.
  • You can help someone choose to go somewhere they have never gone before and to be brave enough to choose to change.
  • You can model a new way of living.
  • And you can share your own hard-fought wisdom on the journey of faith.

Jessie Cruickshank will help you navigate the terrain, be inspired by the vast sky, and move toward the hope to which you are called. With Joseph Campbell’s iconic hero’s journey framework as a guide, you’ll discover how a spirit of adventure, brain science, and passionate faith can equip you for the greatest adventure of all.

Table of Contents

1: Experience the Journey : Becoming a Hero Maker
2: An Ordinary Person: The Journey of Disciplemaking
3: Answers the Call: Joining the Cosmic Group Project
4: Teams with Others: The Community of Tables, Ropes, and Campfires
5: Learns New Things: The Way We Change
6: Feels the Struggle: Listening to the Right Voices
7: Experiences Revelation :Becoming Motivated by Love
8: Lives Changed :Experiencing the Kingdom of God
9: Discerns the Seasons :Turning the Page

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