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Family - How to Love Yours

Author: Jessie Minassian
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781612916309
Year of Publication:2017
Pages: 226
Subtitle: How to Love Yours (and help them like you back!)
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Parents know the drama of living with a teenage girl. Teen girls struggle to honor their closest relationships while finding their unique identity during adolescence, especially in today’s families which can be messy, complex, and even painful. But family—however messy—can also provide the perfect training ground to make us more like Christ.

Family: How to Love Yours (and Help Them Like You Back) is written to come alongside a young woman and equip her as she navigates her roles, responsibilities, and responses from a Christian perspective. With tender, funny, and hope-filled insight, Jessie Minassian digs in deep where parents sometimes struggle to be heard. Jessie offers trusted advice and wise, Godly counsel for a young woman to honor her closest relationships, see her family’s dynamics in new ways, and have some fun along the way!


  1. The Family Secret
  2. Dreams, Meet Diaper Rash
  3. Ouch! (Learning to Forgive)
  4. Ditching the Attitude
  5. Earning Trust (and Gaining Freedom)
  6. Becoming the Best Big Sister
  7. Becoming the Best Little Sister
  8. The Family Feud
  9. Daddy's Little Girl
  10. It Won't Always Be This Way
  11. A Family of Your Own

Bonus 1: Question Time: Getting to Know Your Parents

Bonus 2: "Can I Be Trusted?" Quiz

Bonus 3: The "Me" Quiz II


Jessie has done it again! She's written an easy-to-read and down-to-earth, practical guide for getting along with your family. She doesn't pull any punches as she shares the joys and pains from her own family. It's a must-read experience of changing attitudes, forgiveness, and looking ahead to your future family.....and you will laugh when you meet Mr. Big Toe. -  Bob Phillips, Licensed therapist, director emeritus at Hume Lake Christian Camps and bestselling author.

Jessie uses stories and questions to help readers deal with the pain of their own family brokenness. And then she leads them through the process of finding forgiveness, redemption, perspective, and hope. We will be getting a copy for each of our girls at Shelterwood! - Jim Subers, President and CEO of Shelterwood Academy.

In Family, Jessie is honest, relatable, and completely down to earth. She doesn't shy away from sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly about her own family and growing-up years. She gives you an honest inside peek that not many people are willing to give. This book is filled with solid biblical truth and practical advice on how to love and live with your family well. - Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird, Founders of GirlDefined Ministries and authors of Girl Defined: God's Radical Design for Beauty, Fimininity, and Identity.

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