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Author: Jerome Daley
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641580137
Year of Publication: 2020
Pages: 207
Subtitle: The Monastic Rhythms of Healthy Leadership
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Are you feeling wearing? Overwhelmed by the scope of your leadership? Do you wonder where your work is taking you or what it's all for?

You're not alone. Every generation reaches a point of rude awakening where what is demanded of them is more than what is given. What we've been prepared for isn't what we're facing. What is touted as the good life really isn't.

Jerome Daley points us to the ancient wisdom of the monastic tradition, which long ago exposed the limits of the cult of achievement. In addition to its deep meaning and critique of values that are antithetical to a good life, it offer ways of living and leading that will fill you up and dramatically increase your impact. Your leadership is meant for more; Gravitas will help you find the path.

  1. Spiritual Gravitas: Not Going Wide but Going Deep
  2. Stability: Not Pushing the Envelope but Feeling the Love
  3. Conversion: Not Fearing Scarcity but Trusting Abundance
  4. Obedience: Not Seizing the Moment but Surrendering the Control
  5. Prayer: Not Taking Authority but Paying Attention
  6. Study: Not Tracking Trends but Fostering Wisdom
  7. Work: Not Getting More Doe but Being More Present
  8. Hospitality: Not a Tighter Focus but a Wider View
  9. Renewal: Not Knowing Where to Go but Knowing When to Stop
Conclusion: Rules, Rhythms, and Roots
Epilogue: A Day in the Life of a Benedictine

In Gravitas Jerome has bridged the gap between spiritual leadership and business leadership. - Bobb Biehl, executive mentor, Masterplanning Group.

Marketplace leaders often feel that leadership success and Christlikeness pull in opposite directions. But what if leadership is the perfect setting for Christlikeness? It can be, and this book illuminates a compelling path for anyone who wants to grow deep to lead large. _ Chad Hall, MCC, director of coaching at Western Seminary.

With beautifully constructed prose, a passion for leaders to become their best selves, and deeply rooted spirituality, Jerome Daley has created a guidebook that invites engagement with age-old spiritual practices, resulting in real character in the real world. - Tina Stoltzfus Horst, founder of Coaching Mission International.
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$18.90 with TAX
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