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Going On With Christ booklet

Going On With Christ booklet
Author: The Navigators
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600061707
Pages: 16
Year Printed:

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You will face many temptations as a Christian, but you can meet them successfully through God's appointed means - his word. The Scriptures have the power to alert you to Satan's subtle attacks, and to enable you to resist temptation.

God's word also has power to guide you in making decisions. God has given his word to lead you in a daily experience of his will. "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" (Psalm 119:105).

His word also has the power to give you joy. Jeremiah said God's words were "my joy and my heart's delight" (Jeremiah 15:16).

The importance of God's word and the power it imparts to each obedient Christian cannot be overemphasized. The eight passages contained in this pack have been carefully chosen to help you experience the guidance, encouragement and strength that comes through knowing and obeying God's word. This booklet contains Bible memory cards.

1. Putting Christ First
2. His Strength
3. The Word
4. Love
5. Giving
6. The Church
7. Good Works
8. Witnessing

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