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Ultimate Exodus

Author: Danielle Strickland
Publication: NavPress
ISBN: 9781631466472
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 153
Subtitle: Finding Freedom from what Enslaves You
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The Exodus is for Everyone.

An epic story that begins i tragedy, slavery, and oppression leads ultimately to hope, kindness, and new life. While each of us carries a story of oppression, we were created by God to be free and to change the world. Our journeyw begin when we agree with God about who we are.

Danielle Strickland weaves scriptural truth with powerful stories of transformation that will free you from the things that enslave you - and free you for the life God has planned for you. It's time to embark on your own exodus and experience freedom as you have never known before.

Chapter1. Breathtaking Beauty
Chapter 2. How Slavery Starts
Chapter 3. Tiny Little Spider Bites
Chapter 4. What Pain Can Do
Chapter 5. Unlearning
Chapter 6. There's a Pharaoh in All of Us
Chapter 7. It Gets Worse before It Gets Better
Chapter 8. The Wild Gospel and Living in Deserts
Chapter 9. The End of Ourselves
Chapter 10. Picking Blackberries and Bushes on Fire
Chapter 11. What's in Your Hand/
Chapter 12. Confrontation
Chapter 13. Don't Be Afraid
Chapter 14. Start Now and with You
Chapter 15. Living Openhandedly
Chapter 16. Sabbath in Defiance of Slavery
Chapter 17. Staying Free


The Ultimate Exodus effervesces with Danielle Strickland's characteristic passion, compassion, and clarity. It addresses some of the most pressing, pervasive, and personal issues of our time, unlocking freedom and greater joy for us all. - Pete Greig, Bestselling author, pastor, and founder of 24-7 Prayer

In The Ultimate Exodus, Danielle Strickland reminds us that God invades our ordinary, everyday lives in ways that lead us closer to true freedom. She knows this, of course, because she's experienced that liberty in real ways most of us can only imagine. As she retells some of the ways God has led her from the edge to an exodus, we are reminded again that life is more than just one Red Sea crossing. - Reggie Joiner, Founder and CEO of Orange

The Ultimate Exodus holds treasures of Danielle's life experiences, and the depth of her spiritual reflections is poetic and life changing. While freedom can be a buzzword, this journey through the central metaphor of Scripture is not only hopeful but also enlightening and deeply enthralling. Through The Ultimate Exodus, you will catch a glimpse of the beauty of God's love for his children and gain invaluable perspective on how to attain the freedom promised in Christ. - Ken Wytsma, Pastor,educator, and author of The Grand Paradox and Create vs. Copy

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