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Discipleship Journal Bible Study - Money

Author: Sue Kline
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831663
Year Printed:
Free sample chapter: pdf
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How Can I Make Peace With My Money?
Money. We love it. We hate it. It makes our lives easier. It complicates them. It allows us to spread the gospel. It distracts us from truly following Christ. Is it any wonder that we struggle with money�s place in our lives?
Your Money and Your Life includes some of Discipleship Journal�s most popular articles on finding balance between the good and the bad of money. Through a combination of questions and innovative learning activities, you�ll discover how to deal with money and possessions in ways that lead to true satisfaction, generosity, and contentment with what God has given you.


   1. Material World
   2. I Can�t Get No Satisfaction
   3. Land of the Free, Part 1
   4. Land of the Free, Part 2
   5. The Habit of the Wise
   6. What Do I Do With All This Stuff?
   7. Money�s Kingdom Power
   8. Your Money and Your Life
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