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English in action - Storyteller - Teacher's Manual

English in action - Storyteller - Teacher's Manual
Author: Wally Cirafesi
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780967248097
Pages: 51
Year Printed:
Stories to Help You Learn English
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Price: $13.75 ($14.44 incl. TAX)

The English in Action Storyteller Teacher's Manual equips facilitators, even those with little prior teaching experience, with the following:
- an introduction to the material and teaching philosophy it employs
- provides a multitude of techniques for teaching stories and vocabulary
- helps teachers adapt the material to the level and needs of the students
- includes detailed explanations and suggestions on how to teach every component of the student book
- contains chapter-by-chapter notes that will stimulate genuine communication

The goal of language learning is communication in either written or oral form. English in Action Storyteller seeks to engage students in reaching that goal by encouraging them to use English as much as possible, not simply to know more about it. Students will be asked to describe, summarize, retell, ask, explain, reason, compare, contrast, negotiate, predict and draw, as well as write about and read their own personal experiences.

The Bible stories in the text are intended to connect with the students' personal experiences. The first six chapters focus on issues related to the immediate family. Chapter seven represents a shift to the extended family and societal issues such as prejudice, marriage, crossing cultural barriers and work. These stories are a loose paraphrase of biblical events with some embellishments to enhance language learning.


  Story 1. A Family Move
  Story 2. A Place to Live
  Story 3. A New Language & New Food
  Story 4. A Dream
  Story 5. Sisters
  Story 6. Brothers
  Story 7. A Family Reunion
  Story 8. Prejudice
  Story 9. A Same-Culture Marriage
  Story 10. Crossing Cultural Barriers
  Story 11. A Cross-Cultural Marriage
  Story 12. A Generous Employer

Unfortunately, no discounts apply to either this book or the preceeding book, Storytellers,- English in Action.
Discussion Leader's Section
Participant Preparation: not required
Difficulty Level: Intermediate learners
Book Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm.

Comments from people who have used this material:
"English in Action Storyteller is a valuable resource to help intermediate learners improve their English skills through story telling. It will be a useful tool in ESOL outreach ministries."
Dr. Cheri Pierson
Assistant Professor, Intercultural Studies/TESOL
Wheaton College

Using stories to aid in the teaching of English is a natural bridge between learning words in the head and learning language in the heart. Storytelling makes language learning more effective for learners and more enjoyable for teachers."
David Tucker
SEND Director of Short Term Missions

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