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Discipleship Journal Bible Study - Building Better Relationships

Author: Susan Nikaido
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831670
Pages: 96

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Practical Help For Every Relationship

Building Better Relationships brings a wealth of insight to help you grow in loving, encouraging, serving and becoming closer to the people in your life. Not intended just for couples, this intensive Bible study covers the basics of building quality relationships, including the often difficult but necessary skills of forgiveness and conflict resolution. Based on Discipleship Journal's most popular articles, this study uniquely combines insight from authors with thought provoking questions, quotes, and relevant Scripture passages. Highly interactive, it will challenge you to evaluate your own relationships and come up with specific action steps to strengthen and deepen them.


Session 1. Learning to Love, Part 1

Session 2. Learning to Love, Part 2

Session 3. Putting Others First

Session 4. Caring for Christians

Session 5. Building Close Friendships

Session 6. Learning to Forgive

Session 7. Dealing with Conflict

Session 8. Putting It All Together

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