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How To Stay Christian In College

Author: J. Budziszewski
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576835104
Pages: 178
Year Printed:
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Warning: College Can Be Dangerous To Your Spiritual Health!

When you go to college, you're leaving behind your network of support and heading to a world with different perspectives, responsibilities and expectations. Even if you're going to a "Christian College", there's no guarantee you won't face challenges to your faith. So how do you stay Christian in College? How do you stay open about your faith in the face of potential ridicule?


    1. College is Another World
    2. What God Thinks Of The World
    3. What The World Thinks Of Itself
    4. Talking With NonChristian Friends
    5. Myths About The Search For Knowledge
    6. Myths About Love and Sex
    7. Myths About Politics
    8. Coping In Campus Social Life
    9. Coping in Campus Religious Life
   10. Coping In The Classroom
   11. The Meaning Of Your Life
NoteChock-full of real life stories of the trials and temptations Christian students face on the university campus - along with solid advice on how to preserve their faith. A classic!
- Charles Colson, author, How Now Shall We Live? Is it possible for a young person to go away to college and thrive in his or her walk with Christ? The answer is a resounding 'yes', and J. Budziszewski gives practical, down-to-earth insights as to what can make it true in your life.
- Josh McDowell, author and speaker J. Budziszewski's book is for the college student who means to stay Christian all the way, with no compromise and no sellout. He sets the bar at just the right height, and he gives you plenty of help in getting over that bar.
- Phillip E. Johnson, professor of law, University of California, Berkeley
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How To Stay Christian In College
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