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Loving Your Wife

Author: Jack & Cynthia Heald
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891095750
Year Printed:
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Twelve Biblical Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Marriage in an imperfect world can be rather disappointing. For instance, when you'd like to be left alone, and you're not. Or when your expectations go unnoticed, your rights are ignored, or your decisions are challenged. But, as you will discover from this Bible Study by Jack & Cynthia Heald, marriage can still be a tremendously fulfilling experience.

In LOVING YOUR WIFE, you'll explore twelve proven, biblical ways to strengthen and improve your marriage. As you delve into the Scriptures, you'll learn how to:
Develop a love that's bold, courageous and true
Cultivate a compassionate, self-sacrificing, forgiving spirit toward your wife
Discern and meet your wife's needs-the things that bring her joy, pleasure and peace
Overcome an angry, cynical or critical spirit
Adopt a leadership style that will foster intimacy, confidence, and respect in your marriage

If you do this study at the same time your wife uses LOVING YOUR HUSBAND, by Cynthia Heald, you'll both discover new ways to strengthen your commitment to each other, as well as your devotion to God.


    1. Whom Have I in Heaven But You?
    2. Unless the Lord Builds the House
    3. It Is Not Good for the Man to Be Alone
    4. Live with Your Wives in an Understanding Way
    5. Husbands, Love Your Wives, Just as Christ Loved         the Church
    6. Husbands Ought to Love Their Wives as Their Own         Body
    7. For the Husband is the Head of the Wife
    8. Husbands, Love Your Wives, and Do Not Be         Embittered
    9. Let No Unwholesome Word Proceed from Your         Mouth
   10. They Shall Become One Flesh
   11. In the Integrity of My Heart
   12. I Press on Toward the Goal
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