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How to Ask Great Questions

Author: Karen Lee-Thorp
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576830789
Pages: 71
Year Printed:
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Ideal for small group leaders or anyone leading group discussions.
You'll learn when and how to promote follow-up discussions that will lead from good thinking to life application. It's not just what you bring to a group that makes a difference, its what you unlock while you're there. Well-timed, skillfully formed questions can help make that difference.


   1. What this book is about
   2. Telling our stories - sharing questions
   3. Just the facts - observation questions
   4. A matter of interpretation
      - interpretation questions
   5. Tell us how you really feel - feeling questions
   6. Keeping the ball in play - follow-up questions
   7. So What? - application questions
   8. Decisions, decision - problem-solving questions
   9. How did we do? - evaluation questions
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How to Ask Great Questions
$4.19 with TAX
You Save$11.00