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LifeChange Series - Hebrews

Author: Navigators
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891092728
Year Printed:
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Christians have a lifelong goal: To become like Christ. This involves change, and change isn't always easy. But the more you know of God's purposes for you, the more you can experience His joy and participate in His plan.
The LifeChange Series of Bible studies on books of the Bible can help you grow in Christlikeness through a life-changing encounter with God's Word. You'll benefit in these important ways:
You'll gain a firm understanding of the book  its historical context, purpose, structure and meaning;
You'll apply its powerful, relevant wisdom to needs and issues you are currently working through; and
You'll acquire personal study skills and a thirst to return to the book on your own  so you can keep going deeper into its life-transforming truths.

Jewish Christians are under fire from their nonChristian kinsmen for neglecting the Jewish traditions. Faced with hostility, the loss of jobs, and worse, many of them are tempted to hide their faith in Christ and revert back to the Jewish customs. Then a trusted mentor reminds them in a strong, clear letter that Christ is far superior to anything Judaism offers.
The letter to the Hebrews reigns unchallenged as the New Testament's finest commentary on the relationship between Christ and the Old Testament. Its stirring message will challenge you to live wholeheartedly for Him in every situation.


    1. The Book of Hebrews (Overview)
        Outline of Hebrews
    2. Christ Superior to Prophets (1:1-4)
    3. Christ Superior to Angels (1:5-2:18)
    4. Christ Superior to Moses (3:1-6)
    5. Warning Against Unbelief (3:7-19)
    6. Unbelief: Consequences and Cure (4:1-16)
    7. Superior Priestly Qualifications (5:1-10)
    8. Spiritual Degeneration (5:11-6:12)
    9. God's Promise Certain (6:13-20)
  10. A Superior Priestly Order (7:1-28)
  11. The New Covenant (8:1-13)
  12. The Earthly Tabernacle (9:1-10)
  13. A Superior Sacrifice (9:11-28)
  14. Once For All (10:1-18)
  15. Perseverance (10:19-39)
  16. By Faith (11:1-40)
  17. Discipline and Commitment (12:1-29)
  18. Exhortations (13:1-25)
  19. Looking Back (Review)
  Study Aids
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