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Renovation of the Heart - 10th Anniversary ed.

Author: Dallas Willard
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781615216321
Pages: 269
Year Printed:2002,2012
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Take on the character of Christ through the transformation of your spirit.
We aren't born again to stay the way we are. But how many times have we looked around us in dismay at the lack of spiritual maturity in fellow believers? It is evident in the rising rate of divorces among Christian couples, we find it in the high percentages of Christians, even pastors, who regularly view pornography, and we face it each time a well-known leader in the Christian community is found in sexual sin or handling finances dishonestly. Perhaps you have struggled with your own character issues for years, even decades, to little avail.
There is good news. You can experience significant growth in your Christan walk, shed sinful habits, and increasingly take on the character of Christ. In Renovation of the Heart, best-selling author Dallas Willard calls it "the transformation of the spirit"--a divine process that "brings every element in our being, working from inside out, into harmony with the will of God or the kingdom of God." In the transformation of our spirits, we become apprentices of Jesus Christ.
Willard suggests that many Christians today are crying out,"Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart." If that is your heart's cry, this book is the tool to take you to the next level in your quest for true, inward Christlikeness.


1.  Introducing Spiritual Formation
2.  The Heart in the System of Human Life
3.  Radical Evil in the Ruined Soul
4.  Radical Goodness Restored to the Soul
5.  Spiritual Change: The Reliable Pattern
6.  Transforming the Mind, part 1
7.  Transforming the Mind, part 2
8.  Transforming the Will (Heart or Spirit) and Character
9.  Transforming the Body
10.Transforming Our Social Dimension
11.Transforming the Soul
12.The Children of Light and the Light of the World
13.Spiritual Formation in the Local Congregation
About the Author

Once again Willard has taken the reader to new spiritual heights. Naturally, only a small vein of the goldmine of insights found in this book has been properly mined. Yet even with only a limited understanding of Willard's text, this book has revealed the biblical precepts and ideals of spiritual formation in a new light. There is not doubt that this book, if it receives the proper exposure within the Christian community, will serve as a valuable tool for a multitude of other Christians in their own spiritual journeys! - Lawrence Davies

Dr. Willard is very thorough in his writing which makes for some strenuous reading, but remains very rewarding throughout. Dallas really drives the point home that "apprentice" is a superior term to "disciple" as far as our relationship to Christ should be. You realize that "putting on the character of Christ" is a cooperative process between you and God in that he supplies the grace enacted through our obedience. It's imperative for the church to resist the distractions that impede her spiritual transformation and pursue apprenticeship to Jesus instead of the traditional discipleship "programs", or worse yet, none at all. The Divine Conspiracy and this book would be great places to start in the education. -B.Wren

This is the best effort at understanding how we can think and talk about the process of transformation that I have ever read. It is not a light read, but a study book to work through as you put into practice some of the ideas on being still and getting fixed. I am a better disciple than I was, and a better spiritual counselor than I was. - D.Brunk

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