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To Love With All Your Heart

Author: Fran Sciacca
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831489
Year Printed:
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What makes you different as a Christian?
"Not perfect," we say, "just forgiven." While true in every sense, sentiments like this can become spiritual junk food, spoiling our appetite for the kind of real nourishment we need for our life purpose-becoming like Christ. We get saved and wait patiently for heaven, rather than pursuing God's redesigning work in our lives.

To Love With All Your Heart will re-educate you on the subject of salvation, giving you a deep and lasting appreciation for the processes of repentance and sanctification. Each chapter in this Bible study will provide you with necessary skills for long-term spiritual growth. Through compelling questions and in-depth study methods, you will begin to understand how salvation can become an active reality in your day-to-day life.


1.  The Pharisee - Understanding That I Can Never Be
     Good Before God
2.  Adam and Eve - The Parents Who Gave Birth to Sin
3.  The Follower of Christ - Being Saved Has a Practical
4.  Paul - The Passion to Become Like Christ
5.  The Blind Man - Receiving Spiritual Sight
6.  John The Baptist - He Must Increase and I Must
7.  The Apprentice - Valuing People Because God Does
8.  The Petitioner - How Sanctification Transforms
     the Way I Pray
9.  Pontius Pilate - What Is Truth? Does It Matter?
10.The Servant - Liberated for a Life of Service
11.The Laborer - Enlarging God's Kingdom, Not My Own
12.The Blessed - Happiness: The Fruit of Holiness
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