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Calm My Anxious Heart

Author: Linda Dillow
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576830475
Pages: 239
Year Printed:
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Imagine what your life would be like without worry.
Women worry a lot. We worry about our children, our friends, our careers, our families, our spouses, - the list could go on and on. Yes, we want to be content and trust God with our worries, but it's a struggle to let go and free ourselves from the burden of anxiety.
If you're tired of worrying about all the what ifs in your life and want to experience the calm and contentment promised in Scripture, CALM MY ANXIOUS HEART is what you've been looking for.
Filled with encouragement and practical help for overcoming anxiety, this book includes a 12 week Bible study to help you discover what the Bible says about contentment and ways to apply it to your daily life. A companion journal is also available to record your thoughts as you listen to God's teaching on this subject.

With CALM MY ANXIOUS HEART you can let go of your anxiety and experience the contentment that comes trusting God.


   1. My Journey to Contentment
   2. Content with Circumstances
   3. Content to be Me
   4. Content with my Role
   5. Content in Relationships
   6. Never Enough
   7. A Faulty Focus
   8. Worry is like a Rocking Chair
   9. Faith: The Foundation
  10. Trusting God with What Ifs
  11. Trusting God with If Onlys
  12. Trusting God with the Whys
  13. A Personal letter
  14. Twelve Week Bible Study.
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