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Foundations for Christian Living Series - Restoration

Author: The Navigators
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 1576830098
Year Printed:

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This series of studies has been designed specifically to help a group become a small, closely knit community motivated and empowered to worship and serve God. Each book in the series will help your group pursue the mystery of God, encourage the meeting of each other's needs, and how to live practically and genuinely in today's complex world.

9 sessions per book. Session format: overview, on your own, group discovery, let's act, group worship. Bible text included, final two sessions deal with personal and group application.

What comes to mind when you think of restoration? Antique furniture, perhaps, or an old house?
In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul writes that we are God's artwork (Ephesians 2:10). Created in God's image, we have been chipped and stained by sin so that we are almost unrecognizable as masterpieces. It's at the point of our deepest hurt or our most rebellious sin that the Master comes to lovingly restore His work to its intended glory.
In this study, you'll discover how each Person of the Trinity works together to restore us and make us more like Christ. If you struggle with the pain and broken pieces of your life, this study will help you understand God's desire and plans to make you whole.


   Session 1 Three Big Ideas
   Session 2 Experiencing the Fatherhood of God
   Session 3 Undergirded with Christ's forgiveness
   Session 4 Living life in the Son
   Session 5 The Spirit's purposes in life's events
   Session 6 Responding to the ministry of the Holy Spirit
   Session 7 Exploring life's greatest needs
   Session 8 Let's personalize restoration
   Session 9 Let's Grow Together toward restoration
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