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Studies in Christian Living - Beginning A New Life

Author: Navigator Staff
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891090786
Year Printed:
Subtitle: Beginning A New Life
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Do you have new Christians in your fellowship? Get them going with Studies in Christian Living - the Bible study series that starts Christians knowing, talking, growing, and serving.
Aimed at new believers age 15 to adult and used by many churches for decades as basic follow-up tools, these simple direct, time-tested studies are our easiest. They cover many of the same issues as Design for Discipleship but at an easier reading level. In each book of the Studies in Christian Living Series, you'll find help in establishing a program of personal study of God's Word, learning and practicing the essentials of a well-rounded Christian life, and growing into a plan of Bible study you can continue on your own. Can be used on your own, one -on-one or as a small group.

This Bible study picks up where Knowing Christ (the first book in this series) left off. You'll dig in to fundamental topics such as the Lordship of Christ, the devotional life, and witnessing for Christ.


   New life
   Lordship of Christ
   Devotional Life
   Witnessing for Christ
NoteLevel of relationship building: three stars
Level of difficulty for our group: easy
"I would recommend this study material."
Reasons for my recommendation:
"Used this study as a follow-up for a new believer. Basic stuff, but it was perfect! I needed something that would get this person into scripture and help answer some his questions. Each study spring-boarded us into related topics that proved helpful to him."
Dennis Funk, Navigators of Canada
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