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Becoming a Woman of Freedom

Author: Cynthia Heald
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576838297
Pages: 104
Year Printed:
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The Christian life is supposed to be like a race; a race we run freely, unhindered by the burdens of this life. All too often, however, the baggage we carry holds us back. It deprives us of our freedom in Christ and makes the race seem strenuous and futile.

If you ever feel that you're not making progress, lacking joy, or being weighed down by your Christian life-in spite of all you're doing to grow and serve-Becoming a Woman of Freedom will give you a fresh start.
No matter what your age, circumstances, or spiritual maturity, Cynthia Heald will help you identify and lay aside the burdens that can make you feel "stuck," including past hurts and losses, poor self-image, approval-seeking, busyness, doubt and fear, and unhealthy influences.

"The goal of this study," writes Cynthia Heald, "is to help and encourage you through the Word, through the thoughts of those who have run the race ahead of you, and through your own reflections on the race you are running."
With challenging insights and thought-provoking quotations from classic thinkers and writers, Becoming a Woman of Freedom will put you on the road to freedom-and help you develop the actions and attitudes you'll need to finish the race with strength.


  1. Laying aside hindrances: running with freedom
  2. Laying aside the old self: running with the new self
  3. Laying aside the past: running with an eternal perspective
  4. Laying aside pleasing people: running with fellowship
  5. Laying aside bitterness: running with forgiveness
  6. Laying aside busyness: running with rest
  7. Laying aside anxiety: running with peace
  8. Laying aside doubt and fear: running with faith and trust
  9. Laying aside the flesh: running with spirit
  10. Laying aside the world: running with Godliness
  11. Laying aside discouragement: running with perseverence
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