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7 Minutes With God (pkg of 25)

Author: Robert D. Foster
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9789900732563
Pages: 8
Year Printed:
Pack of 25
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"Remember the morning watch"

Students on the campus of Cambridge University in 1882 who wanted to follow Christ decided to spend the first minutes of each new day alone with God, praying and reading the Bible. This morning watch enshrined a truth often obscured by the pressure of ceaseless activity - to know God, it is necessary to spend consistent time with Him.

One of the missing links to having one's heart fixed on God is having a workable plan on how to begin and maintain a morning watch. This booklet from NavPress will help you discover how to meet God each day, for a few minutes. As you continue keeping the "morning watch" with God, you may want to extend your quiet time with Him, but to begin and to get a handle on how to "do" this, 7 Minutes With God will help you.

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7 Minutes With God
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