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Spirituality & Leadership

Author: Alan E. Nelson
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832608
Pages: 173
Year Printed:
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What does it mean to be a spiritual leader in the 21st century? The world is full of leaders. But today�s society is crying out for spiritual leaders: men and women who lead with wisdom, guidance, and power that come from the soul. And as the twenty-first century dawns with mysteries and complexities none of us have yet experienced, our need for authentic spiritual leaders only grows deeper.
More than just a manual for using organizational skills and influence, this book defines what true spiritual leadership is and why it is more vital now than ever before. Using biblical examples, author Alan E. Nelson explores issues such as:
- Integrating how you rely on God with how you lead
- Being spiritually in tune with God and living under His direction
- Recognizing the greatest problems a leader faces and how to solve them
- Discerning the warning signs of a spiritual downfall
- Conflict managing without soul damaging
- Handling criticism, confrontation, and compromise

Whether you are serving in a leadership role or preparing for one, developing leadership abilities in others or cultivating them in yourself, Spirituality & Leadership will take you from where you are to where you want to be.


INTRODUCTION � A Call for Spiritual Leadership
SECTION 1: A Definition of Leadership
SECTION 2: A Definition of Spirituality
SECTION 3: A Merging of Leadership & Spirituality
SECTION 4: A Spiritual Leader�s Inner Life
SECTION 5: A Spiritual Leader�s Outward Life
SECTION 6: A Spiritual Leader�s Role
SECTION 7: A Spiritual Leader�s Skills

Book Dimensions: 14X21 cm.

"Finally! In a culture that has settled for one-dimensional leadership, this inspired book guides us beyond the overworked and into the unexplored. Spirituality & Leadership is a vital tool for developing spiritual leaders on every level of life. Read it and grow your soul!"
- Terry M. Crist, pastor, CitiChurch International; author of 'Learning the Language of Babylon' and 'Awakened to Destiny'
"Alan Nelson raises the penetrating questions all leaders need to ask of their soul. Finally we have a leadership resource that challenges us to think far beyond what we do to who we really are."
- Gene Appel, senior pastor, Central Christian Church, Henderson, Nevada
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