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Topical Memory System - Life Issues

Author: The Navigators
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600066719
Year Printed:
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The truth will set you free.
The Bible is nothing if not eminently practical. Its teachings are relevant, and, when applied to the tough issues of life, its principles have a renewing effect found nowhere else. In face, we're told in 2 Peter 1:3 & 4 that the Bible contains all we'll ever need to live Christ-like lives in the here and now.

The challenge comes in knowing where to turn when the pressure is on, when you need specific guidance regarding a compelling issue. That's when it helps to have a reservoir of life-related truth stored up for instant access.

In the TMS: LIFE ISSUES collection, you'll find over 70 passages of Scripture, all dealing with the pressing issues of daily life. By learning how to commit them to memory and reflect on them during times of need, you'll discover within you a new and growing source of strength, an influence that will uphold you when temptation strikes, provide guidance in times of decision, and stay your hand when uncertainty rages.

So when the realities of life leave you looking for answers, turn to the Word, because only the truth has the power to set you free.

The LIFE ISSUES Collection Includes:
72 Scripture passages printed on small cards ( in NIV, KJV, NASB, & NKJV), a packet to hold the cards, and an introduction to Scripture memory that will show you how to memorize and meditate on the Word. In addition, each section begins with an article offering practical suggestions for dealing with that issue, questions for meditation, and dozens of extra references for further exploration.


Anger - Calvin Miller
Knowing God's Will - Warren & Ruth Myers
Self-Image - Ralph Ennis
Dealing with Sin - Jerry Bridges
Guilt - Charles Stanley
Perfectionism - Lois Easley
Suffering - Joni Earickson Tada
Depression - Geoff Gorsuch
Sex - Stephen A. Hayner
Money - Steve Thurman
Stress - Charles E. Hummel
Love - Ted W. Engstrom
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Topical Memory System - Life Issues
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