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Dangerous Wonder

Author: Michael Yaconelli
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576834817
Pages: 171
Year Printed:
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Remember the thrill of thinking you could fly? The adventure of going places in your imagination? The joy and abandon of running and jumping and playing hard - without worrying about what "might" happen?

In Dangerous Wonder, Michael Yaconelli invites you to recapture the joy of being a child and apply it to your relationship with God. You'll be encouraged to ask difficult questions about faith and take Jesus at His word when He says, "Anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."

If you are looking for the joy and freedom of faith, Dangerous Wonder will open your eyes and your life to the possibility of an exciting adventure in relationship with God.

This new edition includes a discussion guide to help you experience an even deeper relationship with God, filled with wonder and awe.


  1.  Dangerous Wonder
  2.  Risky Curiosity
  3.  Wild Abandon
  4.  Daring Playfulness
  5.  Wide-eyed Listening
  6.  Irresponsible Passion
  7.  Happy Terror
  8.  Na├»ve Grace
  9.  Childlike Faith
COMMENTS from Readers

Book Dimensions: 14 x 22 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:
"Mike Yaconelli has written a book about wonder that is truly wonderful. It made me laugh, cry, and pray that God would help me grow up enough to become a child again. After reading this book, I felt my spirit loosen its tie, kick off its shoes, and run out to play in the sunshine of God's grace."
- Dr. Donald W. McCullough, president, San Francisco Theological Seminary and author of The Trivialization of God

"Sea-lover, loner, sky-sentry, gifted writer, faithful friend, Mike Yaconelli awakens and befriends the child within and guides us to a place where Jesus says we all belong."
-Brennan Manning, author of The Boy Who Cried Abba and Abba's Child

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Dangerous Wonder
$17.64 with TAX
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