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Dangers Men Face - 25th Anniversary Ed.

Author: Jerry White
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641585156
Pages: 256
Year Printed:2023
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Warning: Danger Ahead
There aren't always clear warning signs for the dangers men face in life. Hidden traps, unseen pitfalls, and unmarked detours can catch you unaware and send you sprawling or running in circles. How do you avoid these traps and continue to move forward?

Stress, work, identity, anger, sexuality. Discover the subtle dangers that confront men and learn strategies for safely traveling around them.

Men face particular, peculiar challenges as they move through life. Nature, nurture, and cultural norms conspire to draw men into broken approaches to their work, their relationships, their spirituality, their identity. And the pace of life makes it difficult to not be swept along by the brokenness.

Jerry White takes careful aim at the big dangers and point to ways of managing and mitigating them and experiencing victory. Topics include

  • loss of identity
  • career crisis
  • sexual sin

Includes a Bible study to help men be more resilient and sure-footed as they face these common dangers in everyday life.

Makes a great discipleship or study resource for mentoring or group use.

Includes bible study and discussion guide.
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm.
This rating is based on evaluations we received.
On a scale of 1–5 this resource is rated 4 stars.

Comments from people who have used this material:

Level of relationship building: four stars
Level of difficulty for our group: easy

"I would recommend this study material."
Reasons for my recommendation:
"Jerry White pretty much covers everything that will cause a man to stumble. Our mens group liked the format of reading the chapter ahead of time, then using our time to go through the focus discussions at the end of each chapter. Included helpful bible passages to accompany the discussion questions. Ended up with some great application-oriented group times."
Dennis Funk, Navigators of Canada

"This book will help many men avoid a shipwreck of their lives, or recover from one with a fresh start and new sense of vitality and hope. These principles work..." Dr. Bill Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ International.

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