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Speak Up With Confidence

Author: Carol Kent
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600061443
Pages: 248
Year Printed: 2007

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Afraid of public speaking? There"s no reason to be.

According to surveys, public speaking is ranked number one among people"s biggest fears. That"s higher than death! One of the easiest ways to combat such fears is good preparation. With years of experience, popular author and speaker Carol Kent provides a step-by-step guide that will walk you through preparing and delivering any kind of message from sharing your testimony or a devotional to leading a meeting or workshop. You want your audience to pay attention to your message whether you speak to a crowd of thousands or to a classroom of ten. With this practical guide, you truly can speak up with confidence.

Do I Have Potential for Speaking?
  • Speak? Not me!
  • Moses, Me, and Other Unlikely Public Speakers
How do I Prepeare to Talk
  • If You Don't Know Where You're Going, You'll Probably Wind up Somewhere Else
  • Big Lips and Other Beauty Marks
  • Start with a Bang!
  • Finishing Touches
How Do I Deliver a Talk?
  • Little Things Mean a Lot
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Getting Started
  • Your Life Story has Potential!
  • The Most Exciting Book of All!
How do I Get Organized?
  • Organization - Inside Out
Where do I go From Here?
  • Disciplines of the Effective Speaker
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:

“Based on her years of experience, Carol Kent has given us a book of rich insight and practical advice about public speaking. If you plan to teach a group of five or 50,000, read this book. These principles really work.”
— Luci Swindoll, women of Faith speaker; author; vice president of public relations, Insight for Living

“Speak Up with Confidence is a must-read for people who are committed to Christ and want to communicate their faith with greater impact. I’ve attended several Speak up workshops and continue to learn fresh approaches to enhance my writing, speaking, business, and ministry leadership.”
— Kathe Wunnenberg, speaker; author of Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

“What a joy to read a how-to book that really addresses the how-to. Carol Kent has systematically covered the details that have made her an outstanding speaker. I am delighted to recommend this book to the throngs of people who yearn to speak up with confidence.”
— Jeannette Clift George, founder and artistic director, A.d. Players, a Christian drama Company; writer; public speaker

“You will not find a more excellent communicator than Carol Kent. When I hear her speak, I listen in rapt attention, and while reading her book, I could not put it down. In Speak Up with Confidence, she unselfishly shares her effective secrets with us. This is must reading whether you are a beginner or have been speaking for years.”
— Ney Baiely, author and international speaker

“Going into a seminar led by Carol Kent is like walking into a highly charged magnetic field. It is exciting! Things are popping, and you have to keep moving! It is more than energy and enthusiasm; it is a deep-rooted faith in god as revealed in Jesus Christ.”
— Dr. Nell Mahoney, author and speaker

“When Carol Kent speaks, people listen! She is a highly trained, energetic, and gifted woman. her insight and understanding of people, as well as her ability to communicate god’s truth, make her one of the leaders in the Christian women’s world.”
— Paul Mstthews, Tuscon, Arizona


“I would recommend the Speak up with Confidence seminar to anyone desiring to share his or her faith with one person or a thousand.”
— Pat Probasco, Speak up seminar participant

“I would recommend this workshop to everyone. who would not benefit from learning how to better represent themselves, their organization, or the Lord?”
— Thea Riley, Speak up seminar participant

“I was so blessed with the Speak up conference. I increased my learning abundantly and it was fun, too. I have a BA in Bible theology and taught in a Bible college for fifteen years, and presenting this kind of talk is quite different but is something I always wanted to do.”
— Martha Hartman, Speak up seminar participant

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