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Author: Betty Lee Skinner
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891097969
Pages: 389
Year Printed:
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Dawson Trotman revolutionized the practice of evangelism and founded The Navigators, one of the most widespread and respected Christian organizations in the world today.

This moving historical account, drawn from the memories of those whose lives Dawson touched and from the author�s firsthand knowledge, will both encourage you in your faith and inspire you to action.

From his youth as a liar, gambler, and pool shark to manhood as an indefatigable witness for his Lord Jesus Christ, Dawson Trotman revolutionized the practice of evangelism and founded one of the most widespread and respected Christian organizations in the world today.

What moved and motivated this extraordinary man of God? In Daws, you'll experience the convictions and passions that guided Trotman's life: his deep love of God's Word, his lifelong dedication to prayer, and his determination to live out the Great Commission.

  1. The Making of a Man of God
  2. "They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships"
  3. Training Trainers of Men
  4. Sharing the Other Man's Dream Toward Producing Reproducers
  5. "Let's Finish the Job"
  6. The Legacy
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm.

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Comments from people who have used this material:

"Dawson Trotman provides an example of what God can do with consistent commitment, purposeful passion, and relentless perseverance. His simple message--profoundly reflected in this book--that memory of and meditation upon Scripture will be a catalyst to a life of significance and service in the Kingdom of God. This commitment led me to reflect more than once throughout the book that all that Daws accomplished was without many of the advantages of today (the Internet, modern communication, etc.). And yet, my conclusion is that his commitment, passion and perseverance led to his significance and that the present day is so lacking in such individuals in large part because of the distractions that come with our heightened advantages. We are but children in the use of such tools. It is like 16-year-olds being given high performance sports cars with nowhere of note to travel. This book has been a major wake-up call for me to take note of the simple message that God's Word is worthy of great personal sacrifice and obedience. " - Mike Beavers

"Reading Daws opened my eyes to one of the major purposes in God's plan for the life of his people - to reach others with his love. Daws is an extremely well written biography that takes you inside Dawson Trotman's life and experience, but also takes you into his thoughts, showing you how he changed over a lifetime to understand the mission which had captured his heart - to know God and make Him known.

Towards the end, the book grows too focused on events on not on Daws' life, but it is otherwise an impacting, convicting, and inspirational read. A very worthwhile biography for anyone seeking to know God and make Him known. " - Matthew Green

Daws "is a fascinating story as told by a colleague who worked with him for many years...Ms. Skinner's book captures her subject's zest for life, his phenomenal energy, and also his faults."-Family Life

The author's "observations and judgments...contribute to making this a remarkably well-balanced account. These prevent it from becoming just another bland biography of a great man by an admiring disciple...Few will come away from the book without being challenged to reexamine the quality of their own spiritual lives."-Dr. Richard V. Pierard, professor of History, Indiana State University

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