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Pursuit of Holiness

Author: Jerry Bridges
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631466397
Pages: 208
Year Printed:2016
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Holiness. The Christian's joint venture with God. "Be holy, for I am holy," commands God to His people. But holiness is something that is often missing in the Christian's daily life. According to Jerry Bridges, that's because we're not exactly sure what our part in holiness is. In The Pursuit of Holiness, he helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do - and what we should accept responsibility for ourselves.

This book will help you understand:
- How God has equipped us to lead holy lives
- Guidelines for determining right from wrong
- How reason and emotions influence our will
- How habits and personal discipline play a part in holy living

Whether you're continuing your pursuit of holiness or just beginning, the principles and guidelines in The Pursuit of Holiness will challenge you to obey God's command of holiness.

Now with an added study guide for personal use or group discussion so you can dive deeper into this staple of Jerry Bridges's classic collection. Whether you are just beginning your new life as a Christian or you are continuing your journey, this established and esteemed resource will guide and challenge you to joyfully obey God's call to "be holy.


  1. Holiness Is for You
  2. The Holiness of God
  3. Holiness Is Not an Option
  4. The Holiness of Christ
  5. A Change of Kingdoms
  6. The Battle for Holiness
  7. Help in the Daily Battle
  8. Obedience–Not Victory
  9. Putting Sin to Death
  10. The Place of Personal Discipline
  11. Holiness in Body
  12. Holiness in Spirit
  13. Holiness and Our Wills
  14. Habits of Holiness
  15. Holiness and Faith
  16. Holiness in an Unholy World
  17. Joy of Holiness
COMMENTS from Readers
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Comments from people who have used this material:

Holiness: The nearly forgotten word of Christianity. If it was happiness, joy, love, grace, or mercy the modern church would be very familiar with it, but holiness is a word foreign to many professing Christians. Jerry Bridges has done an outstanding job in awakening Christians to the fact that God has a responsibility in sanctifying us, and we as the children of God have a major role in our own pursuit of holiness. Jerry Bridges shows you as plain as day from the Word of God that Christ saves people from not only the penalty of sin (hell) but also from the power of sin. So many Christians sit in the church pew thinking how wonderful it will be to go to Heaven, yet their daily life is full of bondage to things that Christ has given them the power to overcome. The Christian life is not just victory over hell through Christ, but also over the sinful habits, addictions, and attitudes that we were enslaved to us sinners. Let Jerry Bridges turn your attention to what God's Word already states plainly. We have God's mercy to forgive us of sin, but we also have God's grace to empower us to live like Jesus did. - M.Brinkley

Thought provoking and challenging, Jerry Bridges provides both an expositionally sound work with practical insight into our walk with God. I have read many fine books on the subject of holiness but this is , by far, the best for a broad spectrum of readers. True to form with navigators material, this is very user friendly for group Bible study material. - Robert Bird

The author lays out his content in a well organized manner and the study guide supplements the content with meaningful and relevant questions and references. For my group (young single men aged 20-25), both the book and study guide provided excellent springboards into meaningful discussion and personal application. I also highly recommend ordering the Topical Memory System, as it is a useful resource and highlighted as an application in one of the chapters. - Anonymous.

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