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What Happens When I Die?

Author: Brian C. Stiller
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 1576933836
Pages: 182
Year Printed:
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Is This Life All There Is To Living?
Most of us have ideas of what life after death might be like, but seldom do we even give it the time of day. Why is that? Perhaps it's because we're too busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and activities. Or could it be we're afraid - afraid of, and unsure about, what really does happen to us when we die?

Not knowing what will happen the instant one's heart stops beating can be terrifying, so we avoid the issue as long as possible. But when a loved one dies or we hear of a tragic event, we're prompted to consider the big questions of life, such as: Is there life after death? If so, what will it be like?
Will I be rewarded or punished?
Will I walk or float?
Will I ever see my loved ones again?
Does God really exist?

In this informative and comforting book, author Brian C. Stiller explores these and other significant questions, offering many perspectives and choices of belief about life, death, heaven and the afterlife.

  1.  Why Do We Deny Death?
  2.  Can Near-Death Experiences Tell Us What Life
       after Death Is Like?
  3.  Why Do We Fear Death?
  4.  What Do People Believe Happens to Us When
      &nbspWe Die?
  5.  Does God Exist?
  6.  What is the Makeup of Human Life?
  7.  What Can We Know About Heaven?
  8.  What Happens Between Death and
  9.  Is Hell a Real Place?
10.  Can We Hope Through Death?
11.  What Are the Benefits of Looking at Death?
12.  What Is Our Destiny?
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