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Author: Jim Petersen & Mike Shamy
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576833384
Pages: 239
Year Printed: 2003

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You are right where God wants you!
As a citizen of God's kingdom, you are already uniquely positioned to live out your kingdom citizenship among the people you relate to every day. God has called you to be an "insider" to your family, neighborhood, and workplace. As you adopt the winsome patterns of a kingdom lifestyle, people in your life will see that there is, indeed, a better way to live. In The Insider the authors help you:
See your family, neighborhood, and workplace through kingdom eyes
Discover God's eternal purposes and the strategic place of the insider
Overcome the obstacles to fruitfulness
Form new kingdom lifestyle patterns

Evangelism is not just for the gifted few - it is for all of us. This paradigm-changing book will give you the awareness and skills you need to share your faith with the people in your everyday relational circles. Discover the profound sense of meaning that comes from being daily connected with the eternal purposes of God.

There is a workbook available - to help you apply the teachings of The Insider and see the people in your world in a new perspective. You will learn to identify practical ways to meet needs that no one else can meet. Available through the Navigator Resource Centre.


  1.  God's Eternal Purposes and the Insider
  2.  The Call to the Kingdom of God
  3.  A Vision For Spiritual Generations
  4.  The Insider
  5.  The Insider's Role in Missions
  6.  Insiders and Their Churches
  7.  From Fear to Freedom
  8.  From Isolation to Freedom
  9.  But How Will I Find the Time?
10.  Our Personal Inadequacies
11.  The First Life Pattern of an Insider:
      Taking Little Initiatives
12.  The Second Life Pattern of an Insider:
      Praying and Responding
13.  The Third Life Pattern of an Insider:
      Serving Others
14.  The Fourth Life Pattern of an Insider:
      Conversing the Faith
15.  The Fifth Life Pattern of an Insider:
16.  The Sixth Life Pattern of an Insider:
      Letting the Scriptures Speak
17.  The Seventh Life Pattern of an Insider:
      Midwifing the New Birth
18.  Life As an Insider
About the Authors
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 15 x 23 cm.
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Comments from people who have used this material:

"My first exposure to evangelism was being dropped off a beach in So. Cal. and told to tell people about Jesus. It must have been strange sight to see me walking up to a girl in a bikini and trying to tell her that God had a wonderful plan for her life. Since that day I've struggled the Great Commission. I don't want to be a salesman, because I don't believe that Jesus is a product. On the other hand, I don't want to simply float through life hoping that Jesus pops into the conversation.

The authors take the strain between rapport and boldness and built a book around it. They contend that the call followers of Jesus is to make disciples. This command is so much more than simply a sales pitch. People need an ongoing exposure to Jesus if they are going to follow him.

The book is broken down into two parts. The first lays the theological foundation of the book. The second half of the book lists effective behaviors that Jim Peterson has seen in those who have been "bearing fruit" in the area of evangelism. Some areas (i.e., prayer) are intuitive, other areas are not.

One practical suggestion Jim had was to introduce nonbeleivers to Jesus by reading through a book of the Bible. When I read it a few months ago I thought he was crazy. As my husband and I prayed over it, we found ourselves asking others if they would like to read and discuss the book of John. They said yes. Now we have a Bible study of the unchurched and formally churched. " - anonymous

"If our world is going to be won for Christ, it must be through those of us who are insiders - soccer moms, businessmen, plumbers, high school and college students. This book will prepare readers to move from comfort to a broken world and see significant results."
Bob Jacks, businessman, entrepreneur, coauthor of Divine Appointments andYour Home a LIghthouse

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$18.90 with TAX
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