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Memorize This TMS 3.0

Author: D. Mason Rutledge
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576834572
Pages: 209
Year Printed:
"How can a young person live a clean life? By carefully reading the map of Your Word." Psalm 119, The Message.
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Right about now.
You are worried about that big biology quiz. Man, I hope I studied enough. Before it starts, you remind yourself: Psalm 32:8. And you aren't quite so stressed out about it because you know that God is there with you, no matter what.
Phew. Glad that's over!

Then there's lunch. After a slice of soggy pizza, some jerk steals your backpack with all your books and papers.  You are totally ticked and you sort of want to kick someone, but right about now, you find yourself recalling - from out of the blue - 2 Thess. 3:3,"But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you..." Wow, where did that come from?

Sound far-fetched? It is but it isn't. You see, that is why we have God's Word - to change our day - to - day lives. The verses you will memorize really will change the way you live your life. So get the Bible off your shelf and in your heart - where it belongs.

STAGE 1: New Believer
  1. Assurance of God's Love
  2. Assurance of Jesus
  3. Assurance of Forgiveness
  4. Assurance of Strength
  5. Assurance of an Answer
  6. Assurance of Eternal Life
  7. Assurance of Guidance
STAGE 2: Growing Disciple
  1. Disciple of God
  2. Disciple of Christ
  3. Disciple of the Word
  4. Disciple of Others
  5. Disciple of Life
  6. Disciple For Christ
STAGE 3: Life Issues
  1. Love
  2. Prayer
  3. Purity
  4. Giving
  5. Humility
  6. Perseverance
  7. Study
  8. Worship
STAGE 4: Leadership
  1. Witness by Love
  2. Witness by Life
  3. Witness by Justice
  4. Witness by Word
    About the Author
    Scripture Memory Verse Cards
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
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