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Message of Hope - Selections from The Message

Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832936
Pages: 127
Year Printed:
Discover Meaning and Purpose for Your Life
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This book contains selections taken from The Message: New Testament and Psalms, A Contemporary Paraphrase by Eugene H. Peterson.


Maybe you have found the things you've pursued and dreamed of - car, education, family, job - but feel empty, disappointed, still wanting more. Or perhaps you're frustrated with all the struggles and setbacks you've encountered in life. Regardless of your situation, there is good news. There is something that brings total contentment, something that gives our lives meaning and purpose. But we'll never find it on our own - we must accept it from God.

God offers eternal hope, an aspiration that runs much deeper than any other. Drawn from The Message- Eugene Peterson's easy-to-read, contemporary Scripture paraphrase - The Message of Hope shows how the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus demonstrate that God truly is on our side.

Come discover for yourself what God has to offer. In a world where it is natural to feel discouraged and unsatisfied, you will find great comfort in God's message of hope.

Book Dimensions: 10.5 x 15.5 cm.
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