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English in Action - Teacher's Manual

Author: Wally Cirafesi
Publisher: Navigators Resource Centre
ISBN: 9780963827302
Pages: 188
Year Printed: 2015
Learn How to Teach English Using the Bible

Price$24.50 $25.73 with TAX

You can have a ministry teaching English!
The English in Action curriculum contains all that a lay teacher needs to begin a Bible-based English program.

English in Action provides:
- Step-by-step training in how to use the fun-filled Total Physical Response method. TPR is a language-acquisition method that emphasizes listening, body movement and giving of commands. "When the body moves, the brain remembers" is one of the themes of TPR.
- An exciting and practical format so students easily understand the gospel as they learn English.
- Detailed lesson plans for more than 75 hours of teaching.
- Practical steps for initiating an English ministry, in your church or community.

This book, with the 75 hours of lesson planning already done for you, and with the hand-outs that you can photocopy and give to your students, is not eligable for discount, but is well-worth the cost! Clear teaching ideas, problem-solving with your students, how to involve the shyest student in active learning - all these and more are included in this teacher's manual.

Key points:

• You do not need to speak the language of the students, in fact not being able to speak their language can be a plus as it obligates them to attempt to speak in English more frequently.

• You do not need to explain English grammar

• Any student from ages 12 to 70 who has first grade literacy level in their native tongue can use this program.

• While you can use all 75 hours of the program, it also allows flexibility. It can be shortened or lengthened with many optional items and activities that can be used or passed over at the teacher's discretion.

• TPR is not the only method used. A wide variety of methods, activities and excercises is included in the curriculum. TPR is used to lay a foundation of internalized vocabulary from which students expand their abilities.

The author, Wally Cirafesi has a master's in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). He has served on staff with The Navigators for 3 decades and currently directs the TESOL program at Moody Bible Institute.


Questions You May Have
An Overview of the Curriculum
Chapter 1: The Total Physical Response Method (TPR)
Chapter 2: Teaching Other Items (Optional)
Chapter 3: Classroom Helps and Handouts
Chapter 4: Overview of the Student Workbook
Chapter 5: How to Teach the BIble Sequences
Chapter 6: Beginning Lessons
Chapter 7: Lesson Plans for Each Bible Sequence
Chapter 8: "In Hand" Teacher's Notes and Language Handouts
Chapter 9: Launching an English-Outreach Ministry
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 22 x 28 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:

"English in Action is an effective way to help people learn English and a tremendous door to present the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ."
Ezequiel N. Romero, former Wycliffe Bible translator and pastor, Clifton, NJ.

"English in Action is a great tool for English as a Second Language ministry."
Jone Reid, lay teacher, Winston-Salem, NC.

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Sarah (Guest)
A "must-have" for church ESL programs
The English in Action course is a fabulous tool for evangelistic outreach. The progression of lessons from Adam and Eve through Jesus' life and ministry are especially great for students who are unfamiliar with the Bible. Yet it is more than just a Bible Study - students actively learn language skills from the text. The Total Physical Response method is a fun and effective way for students to understand and retain the information. The Teacher's Manual provides excellent explanations and tips for presenting each lesson.
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