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Fresh Encounters

Author: Daniel Henderson
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576836873
Pages: 182
Year Printed: 2004
Experiencing Transformation Through United Worship-Based Prayer
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Nothing will change your church more than developing a vibrant, passion-filled corporate prayer meeting. This book will give you the encouragement, challenge, and principles needed to take you there. The New Testament church was birthed in prayer. It was sustained by prayer. The importance of the church praying together is evident throughout Acts. But today, in many churches, corporate prayer isn�t even thought about, let alone practiced. If we want to see a fresh outpouring of God�s Spirit in our churches, it�s time to bring the corporate prayer meeting back into vogue, but not like it was years ago! We need something new and powerful. This book presents a fresh model for praying together that has produced significant results in churches across the country. Put it into practice, and your church can also experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ as you seek Him through united, worship-based prayer.

PART ONE: The Adventure of an Encounter
  1. Fresh Encounters of a Personal Kind
  2. Your Call to an Encounter
  3. The Predicament of an Empty Prayer Room
  4. Where's Jesus
PART TWO: Start the Encounter
  1. The Priority of Pastoral Leadership
  2. Who Can Lead an Encounter?
  3. More Caught Than Taught
PART THREE: Fueling the Encounter
  1. The Right Thing for the Wrong Reason
  2. Seek His face, Not His Hand
PART FOUR: Vision for an Encountering Community
  1. Experience the Encounter CommunityTogether
  2. Renovate Your Prayer Closet
  3. Explore the Possibilities
PART FIVE: Keeping the Encounter Fresh
  1. Prayer Gatherings That Keeping Going, Going, Going
  2. Hindrances to Avoid
  3. More Hindrances Than You Might Think
  4. Still More Hindrances
Conclusion: The Fire of a Fresh Encounter
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:
I thoroughly enjoyed "Fresh Encounters," in fact, I read through it twice. This is a much needed book for pastors who desire to effectively lead prayer gatherings. I was never formally or informally trained in the art of leading a prayer meeting, and the models I observed were often less than exciting. Daniel's book beautifully outlines a fresh approach for corporate prayer through worship-based prayer meetings. The focus is not on problems but on God, therefore, it becomes faith-building and uplifting. As we praise God our problems seems to shrivel. I am using this approach and it has brought a freshness and a clear focus to our prayer gatherings. I highly recommend it!
-Ronal Bontrangerl, Pastor I commend this book as a must read for anyone searching for the awakening of their church through a Holy Spirit-driven prayer movement.
-Hans Finzel, President of CBInternational
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