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"mom, dad ...i'm pregnant"

Author: Jayne E. Schooler
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576834824
Pages: 206
Year Printed: 2004
Subtitle: When your daughter or son faces an unplanned pregnancy
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"Mom, Dad, I'm Pregnant"

When you find out your unwed daughter or son is going to be a parent, you experience a roller coaster of emotions. In times like these, you need love and support more than ever before.

In "Mom, Dad...I'm Pregnant," Jayne Schooler writes about the hurt, confusion, and broken dreams of parents. Yet God is there for you and your family, even when circumstances seem so outside of His will.

From her personal experience, Jayne offers helpful advice to get you through the toughest times. Discover how, in these unplanned moments, you can experience unexpected grace, love, and healing.

Book Dimensions: 15 x 23 cm.
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"mom, dad ...i'm pregnant"
$13.86 with TAX
You Save$3.30