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Lifestyle Discipleship - updated

Author: Jim Petersen
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600062117
Pages: 198
Year Printed: 2007
Encouraging others to spiritual maturity
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Walk into any bookstore and you�ll see entire sections devoted to the concept of discipleship. Churches offer courses on it and even appoint specific ministers to the task. But when it comes down to it, is there really any significant impact from all those programs and prescriptions for spiritual growth? Helping others develop into mature Christians is a complex task. How can we attempt to influence people who care little about religion, let alone their personal spiritual growth? Perhaps it is time to set our agenda aside and focus instead on where others are. Join Jim Petersen as he reexamines our assumptions about discipleship against the Scriptures in light of our world today.

"Much of what we think of as discipleship tends to focus on behavior," writes Jim Petersen in Lifestyle Discipleship. "Do have a quiet time, do attend church, don't be immoral. But behavior is not the bottom line when it comes to internal change. Behavior begins with values, and values stem from a person's worldview. Until discipleship speaks to people at that level, there will be very little spiritual growth to speak of."

Drawing from his 30 years of working with the unchurched, Petersen uses the pages of this book to present a case for lifestyle discipleship - a process that makes room for the growing number of people who, for whatever reason, don't fit into any existing patterns of discipleship.

Instead of focusing on measurable criteria and outward performance, Lifestyle Discipleship examines ways in which discipleship can produce truly mature followers of Christ. Petersen says,"People who do not have the advantage of a Christian heritage must begin their journey from wherever they happen to be when Christ calls them. This means we need to be able to serve them according to their ability, not according to our agenda."

The 3rd book on the theme of who we are as God's people (following Living Proof and Church Without Walls), Lifestyle Discipleship will show you how to disciple others effectively regardless of where they're coming from, or what their interest in the process may be.

New edition now includes a study and training guide!


1. Discipleship & Our Contemporary Culture
2. Insiders
3. Things That are Timeless: The Goals of Spiritual Growth
4. Spiritual Parents & Growing Children
5. New Creations in Christ
6. True Spiritual Transformation
7. Change - How Hard It Is!
8. Seven Elements of Spiritual Transformation
9. When Bad Things Happen: Understanding Suffering & Adversity
10. Dealing With Suffering & Adversity
11. Competence as Insiders
12. God's Purposes And You
13. The Time War: Creating Margin
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 15 x 23 cm.
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Comments from people who have used this material:

"This is a great book on disciple making from an experienced discipler working within the Navigators' organization. Like most books on disciple making, he focuses mostly on establishing young believers, and teaching them how to walk with God. Only a few pages near the end refer to leadership development. But this is a well worthwhile read that grapples with most of the central issues involved in spiritual growth. His last chapter on time priorities contains helpful points for busy disciple makers." - Dennis McCallum, author

"We are using this book in a women's Bible study and find it an excellent tool for teaching what lifestyle discipleship should look like. The book is an easy read, clear in it's points,and consistent in definition. I plan to use it again." anonymous

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