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Prayer Cards - Sampler Pack

Author: Pray!
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576834565
Year Printed:
One each of recent prayer cards
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(There are a number of the titles below that are no longer available as a 50 pack, other than this sampler. Navpress controls the compilation of whats included in a Sampler pack.)

Strengthen your personal prayer time, encourage the church to pray, help those who are new in faith develop their prayer life, and revitalize ministries with large prayer cards! 

Prayer card guides provide biblically based areas of prayer for specific needs or groups of people. Printed on both the front and back sides, they give numerous precise topics of prayer supported with Scripture references. Measuring 3.5" x 8.75" (for most of them), these prayer cards are easy to read and are perfect for the placement in pews and display racks. Church members can easily keep them in larger size Bibles, on their refrigerator, or tacked to a bulletin board. The sampler pack prayer cards includes most of the following:

  1. 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Kids
  2. 31 Ways to Praise
  3. Prayers for a Strong and Loving Marriage
  4. Scriptural Prayers for Your Finances
  5. Scripture-Based Prayers to Pray for Your Pastor
  6. Life-Giving Prayers for Your Church
  7. Powerful Prayers for Your Husband
  8. A Month of Prayers for Your Wife
  9. Prayers for Missionaries and Their Families
  10. Everyday Prayers for Your Spiritual Battle
  11. Prayers of Repentance
  12. Prayers for Healing Broken Relationships
  13. Scriptural Blessings to Pray for Your Children
  14. Prayers for Prodigals
  15. 12 Prayers for Christmas
  16. Blessings for Your New Year
  17. Christ in Christmas Advent Devotionals
  18. The Lord's Prayer for Kids
  19. Praying for Your Family
  20. Praying for the Lost
  21. Prayers of Hope and Wholeness for the Seriously Ill
  22. Partnering with God in the Struggle Over Sin
  23. Scriptural Prayers for the Next Generation
  24. Power-Packed Prayers for Public Schools
  25. Prayers that Birth Revival
  26. 30 Ways to Pray for People in Authority
  27. Personal Prayers from Colossians
  28. Prayers for Our Military and Their Families
  29. 25 Ways to Experience God
COMMENTS from Readers

Comments from people who have used this material:

"The cards are a "must" prayer tool for ministry. We've used the cards for a year.I've ordered all of the subjects. We use them for our intercessory prayer group. I appreciate the fact that you have not left the children out. When you do not know how to begin to pray, you grab a card,you have the subject and the scriptures. They are also great outreach tools. Thank you for such a great resource." - Sharon Choyce

Our Ministry was recently introduced to Prayer Cards. Today we placed our second order. The wide variety of topics make them appropriate to send in reply to letters and email. We already have people contacting us and asking for copies for friends. Not only are they both attractive and durable, they are also affordable. Best of all, every Prayer Card is focused on the Word of God." - Bob Steinkamp

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