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Real Stuff: Dancing the Tango in an Earthquake

Author: Navigators
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600060199
Pages: 139
Year Printed: 2006
Real Life Stuff for Couples on Competing Demands
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Stay Focused!

Between taking care of the kids, climbing the corporate ladder, and paying the bills, you know you would like to have a fulfilling marriage. It was supposed to just sort of happen, but everying else takes up so much time and energy! Why not take back some of that time to focus on your marriage?

Dancing the Tango in an Earthquake features relevant passages from The Message, literary and cultural insights, and conversation starters to provoke profund discussion. Together with your spouse or a couples' small group, read excerpts about seven major marriage distractions and how you can prevent them from clouding your view of the ultimate prize: a marriage that works.

  1. Competing Relationships
  2. Not Having Enough
  3. Ambiguous Roles
  4. Crisis
  5. Personal Journeys
  6. Passion
  7. Career in Motion
  8. Hope in the Midst of Distractions
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