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LifeGuide - Parenting

Author: Richard Patterson Jr.
Publisher: IVP
ISBN: 830831312
Pages: 44
Year Printed: 2006
Loving our Children with God's Love
9 Studies for individuals or groups
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Parenting is hard work, full of tough choices and new situations.
And many voices compete with ours for our children's attention. In a rapidly changing world, how can we parent in a way that will cause our children to love Christ deeply and live for him? These studies, written by a frequent speaker in the parenting and family arena, point us to time-tested truth from Scripture that helps us raise our children with wisdom and joy.

  1. A "God's-Eye view" of our children
  2. A Firm Family Foundation
  3. Demonstrating God's Love
  4. Training Our Children in God's Ways
  5. The Seasons of Parenting
  6. Godly Discipline in the Home
  7. God Through our Children's Eyes
  8. Coping with the "Lost" Child
  9. Creating a Legacy for Our Children
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    LifeGuide - Parenting
    $12.59 with TAX
    You Save$1.40