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Real Stuff: Shooting The Rapids In A Wooden Canoe

Author: Tim McLaughlin
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600061646
Pages: 156
Year Printed: 2007
Real Life Stuff Of Couples On Navigating Transitions
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Survival Tips Included

Marriage is anything but predictable. One minute it's smooth sailing: the next it's rough waters ahead. Sometimes we simply lose our sense of direction. And since married life is full of surprises, many of us tend to take the plunge, hang on tight, and hope for the best. But although change is inevitable, you can be prepared for what's next. Inside you'll find a practical guide for navigating life with your mate. From sharing your space to becoming parents to finding your dream house, you'll find spiritual wisdom to handle the milestones and mishaps of matrimony.

Real Life Stuff For Couples is where fairy tales meet reality. Featuring the popular Message translation, each study is filled with humorous insights, topical issues, and provocative ideas that will spark conversation - and your love life. So don't just go through the marital motions. Live, love and learn together.

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Use this Discussion Guide
  3. Small-group Study Tips
  4. Lesson 1: The Unexpected Transition
  5. Lesson 2: The Cataclysmic Transition
  6. Lesson 3: The Masked Transition
  7. Lesson 4: The Partner's Transition
  8. Lesson 5: The Predictable Transition
  9. Lesson 6: The Cultural Transition
  10. Lesson 7: The Final Transition
  11. Lesson 8: Hope For Your Marriage In Transition
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