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Friend Raising

Author: Betty Barnett
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781576582831
Pages: 192
Year Printed: 2003
2nd Edition
Price$13.50 $14.18 with TAX

Many Christians considering missionary service are more fearful of support raising than of being martyred on the mission field. Many, after having responded to God's call to missionary service, have struggled unsucessfully to raise and maitain adequate support. However, thousands of others stand securely in God's provision, proving God over and over and finding Him faithful. "Friend Raising" brings together God's plan for missions support with principles proven in the field. The book focuses on the practical pillars of lasting support raising: intimacy in relationships, interdependence, mutual love and sharing, bearing one another's burdens, generosity, communication, and prayer with promises. in a world swamped by fund-raising hype and gimmicks, Betty Barnett presents a refreshing biblical alternative based on relationship.

New updated version includes study questions, helps, and forms.

  1. The dilemma of raising support
  2. The first pillar: friend raising
  3. The second pillar: generosity
  4. The third pillar: communication
  5. The fourth pillar: prayer with promises
  6. Friend raising made practical
  7. Hidden hindrances
  8. Will it work in Timbuktu?
  9. Testimonies that talk!
  10. Notes on newsletters
  11. Final thoughts

             Study questions

             Where to go for more help

             Helps and forms

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Friend Raising
$14.18 with TAX