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LifeGuide - Hospitality

Author: Patty Pell
Publisher: IVP
ISBN: 9780830831289
Pages: 95
Year Printed: 2008
God's Call to Compassion: 9 studies
Price$14.19 $14.90 with TAX

The word brings to mind tables filled with cookies and pots of good coffee. But the biblical concept of hospitality is much deeper. In these studies you'll discover the Old Testament call to hospitality as the outward-focused expression of God's grace and provision. In the New Testament Jesus unpacks image after image of the kingdom of God in the language of host and guests. Come and discover God's call to hospitality.

  1. Hosting the Traveler
  2. Loving Out of Remembrance
  3. Kindness Beyond Expectations
  4. A Heart of Hospitality
  5. Faasting the Lord's Way
  6. Dwelling in Service
  7. Offering Your Resources
  8. Feasting Through Sacrifice
  9. Destroying Barriers

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