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Connecting In Communities

Author:  Eddie Mosley
ISBN:  9781615216857
Publisher:  NAVPRESS
Year of Print:  2011
Pages:  183
Subtitle: Understanding The Dynamics Of Small Groups

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It's hard to argue the importance of being in a small group.  In a friendly, intimate setting, group members study the Bible together and discuss the issues and challenges of life.  They pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don't show up.  Friendships are made.

Author Eddie Mosley is convinced that small groups are crucial to bringing about sustained life change.  In this hands-on guide, he takes you from conception to implementation of a small-group ministry, sharing basic principles and processes that have been proven to make a difference in lives and communities.  Whether you are considering starting a small-group ministry or already have one in place, you will discover various practices and processes that you can adapt to fit your needs.

Connecting in Communities will help you:
  • Determine what questions need to be answered before you start a small-group ministry
  • Map out a plan using your church's perspective of discipleship
  • Organize and maintain a small-group ministry
  • Prepare and schedule leadership training
  • Periodically assess your ministry's goals and progress
A great resource for pastors and small-groups leaders, this book has everything you need for getting people to connect and experience life together.

Table of Contents

  1. Small Groups Impact Communities  The difference small groups can make in lives and communities, and how you can cause this to happen in your church.
  2. What Do I Do First?  There are key questions that need to be answered before starting something new or changing an existing ministry.  Discussing these questions with your pastor and staff is crucial.
  3. Pragmatic Strategy (Organization)  Discover the various ways to organize a small-group ministry for your church.  A strategic process that is practical and focused on the objectives will keep the vision in sight.
  4. Adapt, Don't Adopt (Assimilation)  A major part of church and small-group growth is assimilating the people whom God is sending to your church.  Discover how to design a system for your church.
  5. Sharper Than You Think (Leadership Development)  Churches spend hours developing and hosting leadership training sessions.  Most leaders are more prepared than we realize, but leadership development must still be planned and scheduled.
  6. Higher Thinking, Now (Curriculum Choices)  A common question for leaders is "What do we study next?"  Having a plan that is developed from the church's perspective of discipleship will help guide groups.
  7. Now What?  (Developing Issues in Small-Group Ministry)  Small-group ministry is organic and ever-changing.  Each year a new level of issues will arise; here are a few we have discovered.

"Eddie Mosley, as point man for a large and growing church, has pulled together the best, most current thinking and practices from a host of small-group writers.  His principles can work in any size church, and his stories are as entertaining as they are instructive.  I want to get this book into the hands of as many church leaders as possible, and soon."

Carl F. George CEO, Consulting for Growth, Inc.

"Connecting in Communities captures the essence of its author.  This book documents the journey and learnings of one of the most passionate and pragmatic small-group pastors in the country.  Eddie Mosley not only inspires you to create a Christ-centered, biblically driven small-group ministry, he tells you how to do it."

Rick Howerton small-group-ologist:  author of Destiny:  Community Small Group Manual

"Had a chance over the weekend to dig into Connecting in Communities by Eddie Mosley.  I recently interviewed Eddie about LifePoint’s Discipleship Pathway and was eager to get a look at his new book.  I wasn’t disappointed.  There’s a lot to like about the newest addition to the small group ministry reading list!

First of all, Eddie is a practitioner.  I’ve talked about this before.  He actually does what he’s writing about.  He’s not just a theorist and not just a writer.  That’s huge!  You can know that he’s arrived at these practices the old-fashioned way…via trial and error.  I love that we can learn from a veteran!

Second, I like the book begins where a book on small group ministry dynamics should, with a set of fundamental questions.  After an important opening chapter laying out his small group ministry origins and the framing experiences of LifePoint (then First Baptist Church, Smyrna, TN), Eddie lays out a great set of diagnostic questions that every church ought to wrestle with when they’re considering launching a small group ministry.  I really think for a lot of churches, this chapter alone would make the book worth buying.  Very helpful.

Third, I like how every chapter ends with a set of practical steps “for your ministry” and another set “for your small group.”  This takes the book to a very practical place.  It’s not just the story of LifePoint’s system.  It really could be a kind of road map for the development of grouplife in your church.

Finally, this is an easy read but is packed with takeaways that will probably pull you back to the drawing board.  You’ll find plenty of ideas that will have you writing in the margins, folding down page corners, and making a list of “must talk about this” notes.  In fact, this is a book that ought to be read by a few people together.  Whether you agree with Eddie or find yourself deciding to take an alternate route, the argument and engagement will be beneficial". -  Mark Howell

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