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Prayer Begins With Relationship

Author: Cynthia Hyle Bezek
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781615219766
Year of Publication: 2011
Pages: 98
Subtitle: Breakthrough Prayer: Studies for Small Groups
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Exactly how personal is your personal relationship with Jesus?

Many believers agree that God made us for relationship with Him, but they may not be aware of just how deep and satisfying the friendship can be.

Come alongside author Cynthia Bezek as she shares her struggles and successes in learning to connect with God. In this six-week Bible study, you'll discover soul-satisfying intimacy and great joy you never could have imagined possible.

Draw near, grow deeper, and watch your life transform as you learn to walk more closely with God through prayer.

  1. A Friend of God
  2. The Risk of Being Real
  3. Upgrading Your View of God
  4. Does God Speak? (And Am I Ready for That?)
  5. Tuning In to God's Everyday Voice
  6. Keeping Company with God

While Christians today speak of having a personal relationship with God, many prefer to listen to pastors and teachers talk about God rather than encounter God's own self. Cynthia helps us by exploring avenues that create a truly relational life with God. - Jan Johnson, author of Invitation to the Jesus Life and When the Soul Listens

This is one of the best small-group resources on prayer that I have ever read. Cynthia Bezek writes with knowledge and clarity. However, it is her honesty and writing style that make this book such a valuable resource for small groups. In addition, I commend the central premise that she develops: prayer as a growing and transformative relationship with God as an ever-present Friend. - Gary W. Moon, MDiv, PhD, editor in chief, Conversations Journal: A Forum for Authentic Transformation; author of Apprenticeship with Jesus

"Prayer does not come easily and naturally to everyone. Cynthia Bezek, the author of this book, recognises that as she shares her struggles and successes in learning to connect with God.
Written as a six lesson or six week study guide, `Prayer Begins With Relationship' explores the idea that struggles with prayer can be common, that we don't like to talk about disappointing experiences because it exposes our weakness and that if we change our thinking and understanding about what prayer is and knowing who God really is, it can change our attitudes, expectations and emotions and make our devotions more fulfilled.

This is a very true to life book. The author records her personal life experiences and her response to them, talks about communication in a real sense, connects with the reader on how they perceive God, sets out points for consideration and allows space for personal reflection. It is also a very well presented and practical book. I enjoyed working through it and noting helpful pointers.

While reading through it, I observed it to be useful as a personal study scheme but to be an excellent study group resource as well. It is thoughtfully written in noting the stances that different personalities have to observing a regular prayer life and even the `Afterword' has very practical advice on taking the lessons learned forward. A useful resource on building and strengthening our relationship with the Heavenly Father." - Donald MacDonald

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