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Crossroads on the Journey (Woman's Journey of Discipleship #2)

Authors: G.Busa, R.Fobes, D.Manchester, J.Miller, V.Sanders
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631465376
Year of Publication: 2010
Pages: 139
Subtitle: Pursuing a Lifetime Commitment and Transformation
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A Woman's Journey of Discipleship is one of the greatest journeys you'll ever take.

This second book of the series, Crossroads on the Journey,  invites you to take the next steps on your own journey. As you walk with Jesus, you will have the opportunity to take new steps of faith that will equip you for everyday life decisions. You'll learn about what makes a true disciple of Jesus, how to develop lifelong convictions, how spiritual transformation works, how to discover your spiritual gifts, the role of the Holy Spirit in your spiritual growth, and how to pass God's love on to others.

A Woman's Journey of Discipleship will take you deep into a relationship with Christ. Throughout this journey, you'll be introduced to basic spiritual disciplines, learn to walk with Christ daily, make decisions using Scripture, and discover the value of discipling other women to walk the same journey. Women's hearts everywhere will be ignited to follow Jesus Christ and in turn disciple others, leaving a legacy of spiritual generations.

A Woman's Journey of Discipleship is a process, presented through three books:
  • Bridges on the Journey introduces you to your life in Christ
  • Crossroads on the Journey invites you to deepen your walk with Christ
  • Friends on the Journey equips you to invest your life in others who will in turn invest their lives in future generations
  1. Description of the Traveler  (What are the marks of a disciple?)
  2. Following the Guidebook  (How can the Bible help me on my journey?)
  3. Follow Me  (How can I persevere for the long haul?)
  4. Demonstrating a Transformed Life  (How can I reflect more of Jesus?)
  5. Growing Closer to God Through Prayer  (What do I need to know about talking with God?)
  6. Depending on the Holy Spirit  (How can I rely on God's Spirit to guide me?)
  7. Designed for God's Glory  (What are my spiritual gifts?)
  8. Inviting Others on the Journey  (How can I be intentional about sharing my faith?) 
Appendix A: My Journey Friends
Appendix B: My Daily Journey
Appendix C: Leader's Guidelines
Appendix D: Learning the Route
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In a Woman's Journey of Discipleship, you'll find the spiritual disciplines every woman needs to develop her walk with Christ. Spiritual growth and intimacy with God are the sure result of the Bridges, Crossroads, and Friends you'll encounter on your Journey to Discipleship. - Carol Kent, author of When I Lay My Issac Down  and Becoming a Woman of Influence

When I travel, I like to have  a good resource book that I can refer to and seasoned and knowledgeable tour guides. In A Woman's Journey of Discipleship, you have both. There are three practical and relevant guidebooks to launch you onto the road to discipleship. To accompany you are competent women who have explored the world of discipleship and are able to provide all you need for this exciting and necessary journey. - Cynthia Heald, author of the Becoming a Woman of .......Bible study series and Intimacy with God
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