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Dawson Trotman in His Own Words

Author: Compiled by Ken Albert, Susan Fletcher, and Doug Hankins
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 9781617479212
Pages: 236

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"I must learn His Word. I must know it. I must believe it. I must let it run its full course in my life."

As Dawson Trotman came to understand what role he was to play in God's kingdom, he got down to business doing what he was gifted in: developing effective processes for teaching people how to read, study, and memorize Scripture. Out of his passion came a new approach to discipleship and with it a ministry organization called The Navigators.

It's been more than fifty years since Dawson's death, but now for the first time you can read his previously unpublished works. Dawson Trotman: In His Own Words  contains excerpts from his personal journals, private correspondence, original sermons, and Faithful Men,  the unfinished manuscript he had intended to be his major work on discipleship.

This book takes you into Dawson's life and legacy through fifty -two devotions  built around his writings and Scripture. It also features his original illustrations, essays, and articles so you can see firsthand how he would have presented them.

Get to know the man who is often called the father of the modern discipleship movement, and let him challenge you to develop and multiply disciples in your church, community, and world.

  1. Christ the Center - Devotions 1-10
  2. The Obedient Christian in Action - Devotions 11-19
  3. The Word - Devotions 20-28
  4. Prayer - Devotions 29-36
  5. Fellowship - Devotions 37-42
  6. Witnessing - Devotions 43-52

Classic Daws: Dawson Trotman's Articles and Sermons:

  • Making Your Witness Count
  • Hidden Power
  • Immutability of God
  • Discipleship
  • How to Memorize Scripture
  • Follow-up: Conserving the Fruits of Evangelism
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