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Transforming Power of the Gospel

Author: Jerry Bridges
Pubisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781612911649
Printed: 2012

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The apostle Paul writes that we are to be transformed, but for many Christians, figuring out how to approach spiritual transformation can be elusive. Bestselling author Jerry Bridges helps us understand that we have available to us the ultimate power source for true spiritual growth: the gospel.

The Transforming Power of the Gospel, Bridges guides you through a thorough examination of:

• what the biblical meaning of grace is and how it applies to your life
• how Jesus’ work in His life and death applies to the believer in justification and adoption
• why basic spiritual disciplines are necessary for spiritual growth
• what role the Holy Spirit plays in both definitive and progressive sanctification

Four distinguishing marks of The Transforming Power of the Gospel . The first is that it begins with a consideration of the infinite holiness of God and the consequent seriousness of sin in the light of that holiness (Chapters 2 and 3).

The second mark is the increased emphasis on gratitude for the gospel as the primary motivator for the pursuit of transformation (Chapter 6).

Third, the chapter on grace addresses some common misunderstandings of the nature and application of grace tnot dealt with before (Chapter 7).

Fourth is the greater emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit in our transformation (Chapter 8). Bridges is convinced the evangelical church needs a greater emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit.

Table of Contents:
  1. Too Soon Old, Too soon smart
  2. Holiness of God
  3. Sinfulness of our sin
  4. The Great exchange
  5. Daily Embracing of the Gospel
  6. Motivation of the Gospel
  7. Understanding God's grace
  8. Transforming work of the Holy Spirit
  9. Dependent responsibility
  10. Instruments of Grace
  11. The Word of God and prayer
  12. Grace of adversity
  13. Transformed into His image
  14. Already, not yet!


“In this book, Jerry Bridges does what he does best: teaches us how to think rightly about holiness and spiritual formation. He starts and ends with the gospel so that through it we learn of both our need for holiness and the way by which we are conformed to the image of Christ. As always, Jerry takes this foundation of right
thinking to application, clearly laying out how we are to go about living holy lives. Because of his sincere devotion to the study of Scripture and holy living, there is no one today more trustworthy to read on this subject than Jerry.”
— Reverend William Vogler, pastor,
Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Lawrence, Kansas moderator of the 27th General Assembly of the
Evangelical Presbyterian Church

“Jerry Bridges has marvelously, attractively, and clearly communicated in this informative and inspirational treatise that God’s saving grace in Christ invites us to come just as we are. This book should be not only read and absorbed personally but also used to share with others as an excellent instrument of life-changing
— Harry L. Reeder, III, pastor and teacher,
Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

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Transforming Power of the Gospel
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