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30 Days to a More Dynamic Prayer Life


Author: John Franklin
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781615218813
Year of Publication: 2012
Pages: 114
Subtitle: Making God Your Focus

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Communication in any relationship is vital for it to keep growing and maturing. The same principle is true for having a relationship with God. He created prayer as a personal, intimate way for us to connect with, talk to, and listen to Him. But how many times do you find connecting difficult, His voice distant?

The answer lies in making God your focus, and this 30-day training resource gives you a simple handle for doing this. By presenting the basics on prayer-such as focusing on God, responding from the heart, and seeking His kingdom-author and pastor John Franklin will equip and challenge you with the biblical truths necessary to develop a deep prayer life that dynamically and consistently connects with our heavenly Father.

Table of Contents

  1. The Three Foundations of Prayer (Days 1-3)
  2. God Trains You (Days 4-10)
  3. Focus on God (Days 11-13)
  4. Respond from the Heart (Days 14-20)
  5. Seek First the Kingdom (Days 21-28)
  6. Present Your Requests (Day 29)
  7. Close in Joy (Day 30)
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