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Truth Unlocked Small Group Edition


Publisher: Talon Productions
ISBN: 609613035609
Year of Publication: 2011
Approximate Total Viewing Time: 180 min
Sub-title: Keys to Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor
Small Group Edition includes the DVD set as well as electronic (.PDF) versions of the comprehensive leader's guide, workbook, pre-formatted emails and posters that you can modify.

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Muslims are immigrating to North America at a record pace. It will not be long before we are faced with Muslim coworkers, Muslim neighbours and Muslim friends. Is that a threat to the Church? We believe this is the greatest opportunity for evangelism ever seen in North America and that our greatest obstacle to reaching out is fear.

Through a series of straight-to-the-point interviews with scholars, pastors, and former Muslims, this video series explores the unprecedented opportunity the western church faces with the arrival of many Muslim immigrants to our communities. The sessions will provide an introduction to the Muslim faith, culture and world-view; explore the differences between the Muslim and Christian understanding of God; provide insight into ways that we can engage in genuine dialogue; and challenge all of us to open up our lives and our homes to our new Muslim neighbors in a way that introduces them to the unique love of Jesus.

The Small Group Edition of Truth Unlocked includes the DVD set as well as electronic (.PDF) versions of the comprehensive leader's guide, workbook, pre-formatted emails and posters that you can modify. This edition is licensed for churches and small group settings.

Both leader's guide and workbook are packed with extra information that expands on items presented in the video, as well as study and retention questions to help you bring what you learn to life. Also included in the Workbook are some other helpful resources to help you learn more about Islam and Christianity.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Islam
  2. Islam in North America
  3. Beliefs (Islam vs. Christianity)
  4. Challenges and Roadblocks
  5. Sharing Your Faith
  6. Visions, Risks and Discipleship

We have also included an Extra DVD containing the testimonies of former Muslims Amani Mostafa, Fariborz Khandani, Majed El Shafie and Wagdi Iskander, as well as commentaries from Drs. Adam Francisco and Andy Bannister, Oxford educated Ph.d's in Islamic Studies.

Also included on the Extras DVD are electronic copies of the leader's guide, the workbook, group emails and advertising material. (The passwords for these files are provided when you purchase the leader's guide)


Here's what people are saying about "Truth Unlocked: Keys to Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor"

"After watching it I suggested our Bible study group go through it as well. It's sparked some great discussion and practical ways in which we can reach out to Muslims around us. Thank you for putting this amazing series together! I would highly recommend it to individuals and small groups." - Greg

"We have done this group study in our church small group and are now doing it in our Friday morning business men's bible study group. It is an awesome study that really helps to understand what Islam is all about... I would highly recommend it to your church for a small group study." - David

"Our small group has been going through this series and we find in very informative and enlightening! So many North Americans know so little about Islam and therefore shy away from witnessing to Muslims. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool to educate Christians and give us the motivation to reach out to our brothers and sisters who have been deceived by the teachings of Islam." - Alice

'"Keys to Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor" is a great confidence builder. Our small group is going through the series twice!' - Gary

"Our small group bible study is doing the Truth Unlocked DVD series and we are greatly enjoying it. I've never seen our group so excited about a study and the conversation after each viewing is exceptional. You can see the perceptions changing about Muslims and how we CAN make a difference. Many have commented that they could watch them again and again as there's so much there and they are learning so much. The quality and content are superb. I don't know of any other resource out there that is as impactful as this series." - Linda

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