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Leading the Discipleshift

Author: Brandon Guidon, Lance Wigton, Luke Yetter
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781612914954
Year: 2013
Pages: 178
Becoming a Discple-making Church
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How will you lead your church to make disciples?

" Go. Make disciples." This is the mission given to the church by Jesus, but this is probably not where most of our time, energy, and resources are spent. So has the mission changed over the past two thousand years?
Do  people know that their God-given identity and responsibility is to be disciples who make disciples? It's time for a revolutionary shift back to our clear purpose as the church: discipleship.

Leading the DiscipleShift equips church leaders with the tools and insights needed to rally people around renewed purpose. Drawing from biblical principles and the experience of Real Life Ministries, this workbook guides you and your team through the philosophy and practical power of ministry alignment and personal influence for the shake of a unified mission.

The interactive format includes:

  • Eight weeks of material designed for a church staff or leadership team
  • Personal exercises and collaborative sessions for team meetings
  • A thorough outline of practical steps for leading churches toward a unified mission of disciple-making

Table of Contents

leading the discipleShift-preliminary meeting

Week 1-foundational definitions

  1. Day 1: Why change?
  2. Day 2: How do you measure success?
  3. Day 3: What is disciple?
  4. Day 4: How important is relationship?
  5. Day 5: Review and group discussion

Week 2-five components and shifts in disciple-making

  1. Day 1: Biblical foundation and shift #1-from reaching to making
  2. Day 2: Intentional leadership and shift #2-form informing to Equipping
  3. Day 3: Relational environment and shift #3-from activity to relationship
  4. Day 4: Reproducible process and shift #4 from accumulating to deploying church alignment and shift #5 from program to purpose
  5. Day 5: Review and group discussion

Week 3-being a leader who makes God proud

  1. Day 1: What is the impact of my actions?
  2. Day 2: Being a courageous leader
  3. Day 3: What do you see?
  4. Day 4: Where is God calling you to lead?
  5. Day 5: Review and group discussion

Week 4-healthy tension and building support

  1. Day 1: The power of invitation
  2. Day 2: Creating chemistry
  3. Day 3: Painting the tension
  4. Day 4: Rally around the tension
  5. Day 5: Review and group discussion

Week 5-overcoming obstacles

  1. Day 1: Prepare the way
  2. Day 2: Remove the barriers
  3. Day 3: The problem has a first and last name
  4. Day 4: Deal with the problem
  5. Day 5: Review and group discussion

Week 6-SMART goals and momentum

  1. Day 1: Eating the elephant
  2. Day 2: Bodies in motion
  3. Day 3: Be smart
  4. Day 4: Turning a loss into a win
  5. Day 5: Review and group discussion

Week 7-culture change and celebration

  1. Day 1: Why celebrate?
  2. Day 2: What to celebrate
  3. Day 3: How do we remember?
  4. Day 4: Where will you go from here?
  5. Day 5: Review and group discussion

Week 8: leading the discipleshift action plan

  1. Day 1: Review and reflect
  2. Day 2: Developing your action plan ( Part 1 )
  3. Day 3: Developing your action plan ( Part 2)
  4. Day 4: Choosing group action steps
  5. Day 5: Sharing steps and building your group action plan

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