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Author: Chris Sicks
Publisher: Navpress
Year: 2013
Making God known through deeds of mercy and words of truth
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In today’s church, there seems to be two well-intentioned groups. “Deed” people feed the hungry and help the poor, while “Word” people proclaim the gospel and engage in apologetics. The two often seem to compete with one another, but God always intended them to be partners. Sacrificial love can grab the attention of those we serve, opening their ears and minds to the words we share.

Tangible, author and Pastor Chris Sicks explains how God's people can effectively introduce hurting people to God through intentional acts of kindness. This book does more than discuss these good ideas. It’s full of ways to make God known to the needy in your community today.

Extra features:

• A thorough resource section
• Ministry examples
• Discussion questions for personal study or group discussion

By sharing both words of truth and deeds of mercy, God's people will reflect Christ’s love—the most tangible proof of God’s existence.

Table of contents:

Part 1: The Apologetic Of Mercy: Why

1. Tangible Grace

2. Tell and Show: Deeds Authenticate the Message

3. Show and Tell: Words Articulate the Message

4. The Credibility of Love

5. The Cause of Suffering

Part 2: The Apologetic Of Mercy: How

6. Names

7. Presence

8. Proactivity

9. Yes, You

10. Abiding




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